A Guide To Level Up Mechanic For Precious Memories

Hello again.  I wanted to write a post about the Level Up mechanic for the TCG, Precious Memories.

Many people have wondered including our group how does this mechanic really work?  Is it a fair mechanic?  So on and so on.  Well fear not, this post will tell you how it works and any ruling that revolves around Level Up.

Introduction to Level Up

Level Up is a mechanic that only applies to sets that has cards with the text Level Up in bold black text.  As shown in Fig. A.

thumbnail (2)
Fig. A

There are only a few sets with this mechanic so far, Asterisk War being the first to introduce it.  Later on it was used in Highschool DxD and Railgun.  It skipped, New Game which didn’t adopt any of the new mechanics (Level Up or EX Deck) and Hand Shakers.  Now, it is being used again for Yuki Yuna is a Hero, which is a set I’m purchasing so wanted to write a guide on Level Up for beginners and veterans of the game.

How Does Level Up Work?

levelupAs mentioned before, Level Up only applies to sets with cards that has the Level Up text.  Level Up basically is as it sounds, you put another card of the same name on top another and it “levels up”.  Think of riding in Vanguard.

When a character levels up, for each card underneath it, it gains a permanent +1 cost and +10/+10.  Example is the picture above.  Since there is a card underneath the 3 Cost, 40/40 Julis-Alexia.  The card becomes a 4 Cost, 50/50 card.

That’s the basics of Level up.  However, some cards have extra effects for being a certain level.

Fig. B

This picture shows that there is an effect that is only available when this card is LV3 or higher.  However, it does not mean that you can only play this card only when its going to be LV3 upon playing this card.  You may drop the Cost 5 Claudia for a LV2 but it just won’t gain the LV3 only ability.


Level Up Ruling

This is where some people have trouble when the mechanic first came out, well amongst our group.  At first we assumed the rules and played the super nerfed version of the mechanic and made us think why would anyone wanna play Level Up, its so slow.  Oh how wrong we were.  Don’t worry, this section will help you with the rulings.

  • Each character may level up once without cost during the main phase.
    • For example, if I played Card A and then level up with it first and proceed to play Card B.  I may also level up Card B without paying a level up cost.
  • If you want to level up a character more than once in a turn, you must pay the cost of the card.
    • For example, if Card A leveled up already for free this turn but I wish to level it up again and the card I want to level up to is Cost 5.  I would then have to pay the Cost 5 to play it.
  • Characters that receive any boosts such as +20/+20, or gain (Active) will remain on the card even after being leveled up.
    • For example, if Card A is boosted with a +20/+20, then is leveled up.  Then the card will now be a +1 cost, +10/+10 from level up and the +20/+20 for the turn.
  • You cannot level up directly on top of the same card.
    • For example, in Fig. B, if I have the Cost 5 Claudia for my Level 2, I’m not allowed to put another copy of the same Cost 5 Claudia to become my Level 3.  It has to be alternating.
  • You cannot level on top of cards with Combi.
  • When a leveled up character exits, every card underneath goes into the discard pile.
  • When a leveled up character is returned to the owner’s hand, every card underneath goes back into the owner’s hand.

With the rules explained and laid out, you can kind of see why level up may be a bit of an unfair mechanic since it allows the player to dump out strong powered cards for the cost of nothing almost.

Once Yuki Yuna is released, we will do some play testing and see how strong it is compared to the only other set that has both EX Deck and Level Up that is, Railgun.  I don’t count Highschool DxD since that set is trash and the only received EX Deck after a sleeve promo buff.


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