Cow Beef Versus Cowards…With A Dash Of Vanilla

Hello Fam,

It’s surely been awhile. I am back boys and girls (yes this includes the “Internet G.I.R.L.” (Guys In Real Life).
Anyways I digress and back to the topic. I am back because new players while shopping for singles been asking me questions.

Lately players have been increasingly asking me,

“Dr. Pee, do I really need runners in my deck?”

The answer is yes it would help, but if you don’t, you ain’t going to die; just like that uncensored daki pillow that you want to buy right now. I know you are going to buy that daki pillow no matter what I say.  Add it to your cart already.


Runners in some sense are the best level 0 cards in the game. Without a doubt, the ability to dodge opponent’s attack is amazing, but they also tend to be quite pricey. You know what isn’t pricey and gets the level 0 game done?  Vanillas, pure good old 3k beaters.
That was my shameless advertising of my past blog entry. Okay fine, enough about Vanillas, but there is also other alternatives like bigger cow beef beaters: the level 0 3500 or the level 0 4000 power cards.

tenor.gifNow before everyone presses the back button just wait. I totally get it. If you have the money to afford Runners, then please do; however, not everyone can afford it. Some layers gotta feed their wives, kids, cats, dogs and trash pandas. Or if we are being honest, some players just gotta buy more anime figures and daki pillows.

Sometimes that extra money saved from not buying level 0 runners can be invested in better level 3 or even level 1 characters.
Level 0 tend to be the shortest stage of the game and one can quite easily recover from a mediocre or terrible level 0 start.  Why you asked? Let me present the the tortoise and the hare analogy. Just because you are amazing at the beginning doesn’t mean you got this game. Still too many other variables till you can close it out.
To recover from a bad level 1 or level 3 game is way harder and sometimes downright frustrating.  Level 1 characters usually get played till level 3 characters come out; therefore, Level 1 character plays are generally the longest phase of a Weiss Schwarz game.

Glorious 2/2 Vanilla

Level 3 characters can outright kill you and you can’t recover when you
are dead. Zombies don’t exist….yet….
Wait what about level 2 game? Well most players
stick with their level 1 game all the way till their level 3 game. RIP level 2 Vanilla 9k beaters. One day I will come back and defend your two souls of awesomeness.

Level 0 games can be easily played with bigger cow beef beaters because they tend to be way cheaper than any level 0 runner.
Let’s take a look at the runner. There is a lot of versatility of being able to dodge attacks and therefore plussing because you get to keep your character alive. Now as a budget player, you don’t have any runners, but have no fear. If your opponent runs a runner. NO FEAR, don’t even sweat it or complain about the card being broken. Simply turn your cards sideways in front of his runner and smack his bum bum like an Asian parent.
It is a win win situation for you. If your opponent level 0 runs, they take an extra damage. If the runner don’t, you win.giphy.gif Don’t even worry about theory or him plussing or pulling off some convulated combos. It ain’t for you. POWER IS POWER. His runner running is simply because your opponent has no backbone. You don’t have to worry about any Jedi mind tricks after you smack him to death. Be like the barbarians as they sack Rome. Who cares if the Romans have the most advance military equipment and tactics.  Nothing beats twin double axes. You smack him with an axe, and he bleeds to death, one damage at a time. You win as simple as that.

Now this is where we gotta go meta meta tactics. It is double the meta because two negatives make a positive. If you run a level 0 big beef beaters (3500 or 4000 power) or even a level 0 3k vanilla, you can always beat a runner. Runner are cowards and cowards got no power. They are all talk. Put a vanilla or a big beef beater in front of their runner on turn two. Force the opponent to either run and take the same damage they dealt you or take one extra less damage. This way it forces your opponent to trade a card for a card against your level 0 because their runner ain’t got no power….Crazy right….I know, it makes so much sense…
Sometimes cowards really suck =(

It is even better if your opponent plays a runner that requires one to mill their deck to run. Your opponent is basically milling their deck for free for you. Making it faster for them to deck refresh and take a damage.
This is where you believe in luck. A great strategist believe in skills and planning. A master strategist believe in skills, planning and luck.thomas-jefferson-9353715-1-402.jpg Never undermine luck.
Now this ain’t nobody writing, It is Doctor Pee. I gotta quote some historical figures. Looking at the past, can we learn about the future.
Thomas Jefferson once said,

“I’m a great believer in luck, and I find the harder I work the more I have of it.”


Yes you don’t have a runner and they do. If their set has a mill runner, extremely believe in yourself. Work harder and beat them with less. Trust that they will mill a climax or a great card that they will need. Besides, they are milling their decks so they are showing more of your deck. Information is key to any card game.
giphy (1).gifThe more they reveal the deck, the more you can plan your next moves. Even if they don’t mill a climax, they could mill a backup. Then you know early on how much power you need to get over their cards. KNOWLEDGE IS POWER and they just exposed their deck. Ain’t nobody scared of exposed things that is why Batman never takes off his mask. Please guys, logic….Luck and Logic =P

Also it feels great when your $0.20 card beat their prized $10 runner. Not only are your smacking their cards to death but you are smacking their ego. Proved to them that money can’t buy their way out of your ass beating.

Runners are consistent, but sometimes you just need to win once. No one plays Weiss Schwarz Marathons, it’s all about winning individual battles.


Well Doctor Pee is signing off! Until next time Boys and internet G.I.R.L. *Guys In Real Life*. Till we meet again.


P.S. Not spending money on runner allows you to be pimping more. Let all your fellow card game players be jealous of your real girl because you got that extra cash to spend.

Please note, neither Dr. Pee or this site support pimping in anyway. Any opinions and displeasure on this article can be posted on Reddit because that obviously solves everything.

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