Pre-Memo This Week

Hello again our readers!  This time we will be talking about some of the new things coming up for Precious Memories.

HaiFuri Highschool Fleet Upcoming Release

First off, Haifuri Highschool Fleet is releasing later this week on June 23, 2017 and although we still don’t know what a lot of the cards look like, many of them have already been revealed through Precious Memories official Card of the Day.  In addition, the official site has also revealed the effects of every single card that will be released in the booster.  Click here for more details.


As I, personally, has already pre-ordered a few boxes myself, I’ll give some thoughts on how the set is so far.  The set seems to be fairly set-up reliant, as it boast its strength in its utility.  Damage-swaps, power pumps, giving double attacks and actives, changing costs etc are some of the abilities the set has access to once set up.  In addition, the set also appear to be on the more aggro-side with multiple double attack abilities and fun EX cards that deny specific blockers.  Sato-chan and and Shu-chan are the prime examples.

Unfortunately, the set does not seem to have any broken events that increase handsize like GuP, K-On, etc.  Instead of adding handsize through events, Haifuri seems to have a lot of its deck engine build in its front lines, whether its On-Point draw, or On-Block draw. tumblr_o5rnl2jmwz1u2uou7o2_500 As a result, the series feels to be fairly solid once set up, able to maintain hand and aggression…maybe.  On the other hand, the process of setting up concerns me a bit as there is very limited set up engine considering the lack of hand plussing events.  Then again the set has yet to be released and played so we don’t know how it’ll actually be.  The card design approach is definitely interesting though!

2017 New Series Announcement 

As summer approaches, Precious Memories decide to release their schedule for the rest of the year as well, which is the second topic of this post~


As the poster suggests, after Haifuri, four new sets will be released in by the end of this year, along with two power-up campaigns.  New Game! power-up is scheduled after Haifuri in July, followed by Yuuki Yuna in August, Shirobako power-up in September, Jesus Tatsuya Movie (Mahouka Koukou no Rettousei: Hoshi wo Yobu Shoujo), No Game No Life Zero, and Eromanga Sensei.

Looking at the release announcements, we at MeTA are pretty sure that Pre-Memo just shifted Level.Neo over…

On top of that three out of the four sets suggests wincest themes…heh

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

That being said, the announcement basically just ruined my plan of saving money later this year, as I most likely will get into Mahouka Koukou no Rettousei and maybe No Game No Life as well.  Of course, if we do get any of the sets or power-ups in the announcement we will provide some insight on those later this year as well, so stay tune :3


Until next time,




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