Brief Look On Chain Chronicle

Hello, Oschisin here and this time I am just going to provide an overview on the new Weiss Schwarz set that no one cared about…until release, Chain Chronicle.


Chain Chronicle’s the newest Japanese set, and it was released on the 28th of April, this year, 2017.  The set is based on the anime that was aired during the Spring season of 2017, which is an adaption of the mobile game, the original source of the entire series.  Since the mobile game isn’t as big as games like Fate/Grand Order, Granblue Fantasy, etc, and the anime adaption was fairly mediocre and rushed, nobody really cared or knew anything about Chain Chronicles when it was announced.  In contrast to series like Re:Zero and KonoSuba that were released just months prior, Chain Chronicle saw little hype on release.

Similar to sets like Girlfriend (Beta) and Schoolgirls Strikers, the set’s vaguely designed towards a few distinct colour based builds, and here I’ll provide some details on each niche builds, how they work and how good they are.  In addition, I’ll also be showcasing a few strong cards of each colour, displaying some of the tech and strengths of each colour.

Build Directions

Sages Yellow

The Sages Yellow build is perhaps the most hyped Chain Chronicle build out there.  The colour has access to some of the best cards of the set in my opinion and the deck is definitely strong in its own right.  With Level 0 Akatsukis, and soul pump Amagis, yellow can easily filter through their deck, and at Level 1, yellow not only has a powerful search combo, but also has access to a climax searchers, guaranteeing their Fatima 9k column combos every game.  At Level 2 they have access to early drop healers that could potentially heal multiple times, and at Level 3, two powerful burners  can be used to finish games.


The Sages Yellow build plays quite similarly to a mixture of Kantai with the Akatsuki, Amagi clone and a load of assassins.  Being assassin heavy, its Level 1 game is relatively weak on defense, which can prevent it from snowballing its advantage into late game.  Many people run the Blue Riki clone in the build to set up the Level 1 game and keep in handsize.  The deck is quite stock heavy as well, as the climax searcher cost a stock, and Amagis would be utilized frequently to maintain handsize,  The early drop healer may be allow the player to stay ahead in damage, but it’s low base power makes it easy to remove and once again, makes the deck overall stock intensive.

Red/Yellow Mix


The build direction tends to be heavy red focused, effectively utilizing the Level 1 suiciders and salvage brainstorms, while the player would still have access to the yellow “Yamato Kai,” to bolster their end game pressure.  There are also variations where players focused on  yellow using the search combo, and tech red for the brainstorm and Level 3s, opting for the red early drops over the yellow healer.

Blue/Red Mix


Another popular build for Chain Chronicle is mixing blue and red, as blue as access to Riki clones, strong Level 0 game, anti-level assassins, and more, while red boast its advantage in solid early drop and finisher Level 3s.  Since many blue cards are colour restricted, they do often direct players to build similar to GFB’s Pumpkin build, going heavy blue with red tech and Level 3s.

Holy Queen Blue

20170427_1b33bb.JPGAs mentioned, a large portion of blue cards are colour restricted.  As a result, pure blue builds utilizing the colour restricted Level 1 combo and brainstorm is also pretty strong.  Their Level 1 game can be hilariously annoying to play against, in a mathematical sense, as it utilizes the power-on-active abilities.  To go with that, Chain Chronicle has access to a lot of powerful counters which works really well with blue Level 1s in general.  Lastly, their Level 2 and 3 troll combos can be quite fun to play as well.

Blue, with its power on [Act] gimmick is quite powerful with a counter, which means it’s also quite weak without a counter.  Given, blue does have access to recyclable counters at Level 1 but sometimes they go to stock or damage so…  In addition, suiciders can easily cripple blue’s Level 1 defensive advantage.  At Level 3, blue focuses heavy on healing and -soul making anti-heal, bounce, +soul effects quite useful against it.


Volunteer Army Red


Unfortunately, the Level 1 combo for red pales in comparison to the stronger yellow, blue and green combos.  However, once again, red has access to some of the most interesting and powerful cards in the series as well.  With a solid Level 0 game in the form of numerous handfixers, and a solid brainstorm, pure red can easily transition into any stage of the game.  Red also has access to 2 main forms of finishers, both of which as strong in their own rights

Red, unfortunately, lacks solid Level 1 combo, which makes them heavily reliant on brainstorm and Gate triggers to maintain handsize.  Red does have access to a solid 1/1 wall combo similar to GFB, though most people simply utilizes suiciders and free 6.5k beaters at Level 1.  A lot of their cards, such as the backrow attacker, are also quite situational, or niche making them borderline unplayable.

Black Army Green

Green build is exclusively the bad guys of the series, and the memes of the WS community.  Similar to other swarm decks, Black Army Green build does have access to some of the niche, seemingly broken, cards and combos that are hilarious to play over all.  Although their field set up is a bit iffy, they do have access to 1500 assists, solid wall, and a Black Army exclusive Yuki combo at Level 1.  At Level 3, the Black King is perhaps one of the most depressing finisher player utilize.  Though it does not have the deadly damage pushes like GochuUsa’s burn 1 burn 1, it does have the ability to murder the hopes of opponent as it shoves multiple cards from waiting room back into your opponent’s deck.


Since green build runs quite a bit of the Black Soldier, it lacks access to solid Level 0 beaters or runners to gain advantage early game.  In addition, the deck tends to be quite stock intensive with the 1/1s often ran in green decks.  The Level 1 9k+ wall is not only stock heavy, but also susceptible to antichange and bounce effects as well.  In addition, if one manages his/her waiting room well at late game, utilizing free-fresh and free-fresh counters, the Black King would pose little to no threat late game.

Techs/Combo Highlights


The first 2 are perhaps the most well know cards of yellow.  The -1 Soul counter is arguable the best card of the set, while the Level 3 burner provide much late game threat for the opponent with the On-Cancel Burn 1 Burn 4.

The Level 0 is perhaps one of the most busted cards of the set.  By taking 1 damage, players can easily nuke a Cost 0 from their opponent’s front row, easily dealing with 1/0 threats like Milky’s Eri, or Kantai’s Bismarck, or even annoying 0s like suiciders, anti-heal/burn, runners, etc.  The Level 2 event is quite powerful late game against many match ups like Persona, and Log Horizon.  Bouncing a Shiroe allows the burn heavy mono-yellow to fully utilize its effects, so by teching this event, Chain Chronicle players can easily deal with Log Horizon’s anti-burn more easily than other sets.


The Black King is the only finisher for green, and its down right evil.  Shoving up to 9 cards back into deck per Black King at Level 3 can drain the happiness from your opponents fairly easily.  Though the brainstorm is mediocre at first glance, it does technically plus harder than normal brainstorms as it grabs 2 Black Soldier.  It is  quite powerful as a card mainly as it functions not only as a brainstorm, but also as a solid handfixers with it’s clock swap ability.  Since a lot of cards revolve around Black Soldier in mono-green, salvage from the brainstorm can keep the “cost” of other cards, such as the 1/1 below, slightly cheaper as well

Considering the amount of Black Soldiers green build runs, the hit rate of the burn counter is fairly high, so beware.  It’s not a guarantee burn counter but at worse, its a 2500 mill 1 counter.  The 1/1 monster can sit at a massive 9k as a Level 2 at Level 1 and with the 1500 assist in the back, this bad boy poses as a solid threat for any opponent at Level 1.  The down side of the card, of course, is that it needs to eat a Black Soldier first, effectively giving the player a minus-1 on play.  But hey, if one can plus hard enough from the brainstorm, or the event, the minus-1 does not seem as detriment.


The Level 3 Yuri functions as a solid healer, a finisher, and with combo, a way to maintain hand advantage at Level 3.  With the Marina Level 2 assist, the combo also makes heal looping fairly easy.  The Burn 4 can be used any turn as long as its the 4th attack of the turn which is much easier to use than the yellow finisher, which requires both a combo, and it being the 3rd attack.

The Aram Level 1 suicider prompts player to run quite a few Level 2s and up in a deck, which is definitely reasonable for Chain Chronicle as it has access to quite powerful Level 2 counters, assists and other techs.  With the various handfixers, brainstorm, and topcheckers, the suicider can synergize quite well with many other cards of the deck.  Last but not least, the infamous durgon counter. chain_chronicle_movie_icon_by_wasir525-dajrk99.png Although a [Pay 4 Ditch 2] counter seem extremely costly, it can easily prevent a loss and pressure for a win.  Against sets that utilizes restanders, or stock heavy finishers in general, it can cripple the opponent quite significantly as it can target a character that has not yet attacked.  For instance, it can remove GochuUsa’s late game threat by removing the second burner when the first attacked.  Or, nuke a Shinon when the opponent is attack with something else first for the stock to do the burn 4 combo.


The TD Level 0 is one of strongest Level 0s for the current meta in my opinion as a lot of decks utilizes Level 0 techs that are not able to get rid of 4k+ walls at Level 0.  It is even more threatening than it seems when blue utilizes power on [Act] throughout the entire game, allowing it to challenge opponent’s Level 1s on defense.  The Level 3 Julianna allows player to play defensively with – 2 soul walls.  Since her ability allows any other character to gain the -2 soul ability, she makes attacking with Level 1s and 2s at Level 3 much safer from the opponent siding for exact damage.  Her power on [Act] allows her to run over things on both turns, so the combo can be looped again.

The Level 1 Lilith backrow makes not only the center character bigger by 1k, but also turn a single counter into a massive threat on opponent’s turn.  In addition, her healing, though seemingly mediocre at first, not only serve as a heal, but also as a power pump, and a way to pay out climaxes.  The Julianna Level 1 counter seems mediocre as well.  However, when considering that most of blue’s front row beaters gains power on [Act], the simple 1k counter is no longer a simple 1k counter anymore.  With its ability to be salvaged back into hand after use, the counter can pose as a threat for the opponent every single turn.  For example, with both the Level 1 Lilith support and the counter, the Level 0 mentioned earlier can hit as high as 7k, 7.5 with the brainstorm, at Level 0


As unpopular as the set is, Chain Chronicle is undoubtedly a solid strong set to play.  It has access to numerous good cards, some even considered borderline busted.  Personally, I bought into the set on release of TD since I though the anime was aight, and the TD Level 3 seem fairly fun to play.  I, however, had little to no intention of buying into the set until that fateful night of April 28th, when TatCalvinGuy, a fellow friend and I decide to wake each other up at 4 am, because the price of the cards were dirt cheap on release.  On Yuyu-Tei, the standard of North American card pricing, a full foiled playset on release cost like 400-500 dollars, and on auctions and some other sites, they were even cheaper.


The price of many foiled cards sky rocketed soon after release.  My purchase of the foiled 2k Level 1 free counter on release just show cased the some of the price difference between release and now.  However, even now, most non-foil cards are still cheap as well since it’s a set no one really cared about.  So if anyone is looking for a budget deck, Chain Chronicle is definitely a set worth looking into.




Thanks for joining me yet again,



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