Shopping For Vanilla Ice Cream?

Hey Fam,

Today we will be talking about the power of Vanillas. Particularly the 0/0 3000 power vanillas. The set we will be analyzing will be Guilty Crown. Guilty Crown is a top tier deck, which pretty much means every card is viable even the 3000 Vanillas. Now before you put your right hand back onto the keyboard, let me explain. 3000 Power Vanillas have no downside. They come onto to the field and ready to smack your opponent’s bum back to their anime figures.

3000 Vanillas are like Vanilla Ice Cream. True no one goes to the ice cream shop and orders Vanilla, but it is always there. Always ready for you to pick them. For the purpose of my argument, let’s analyze a yellow 3k Vanilla vs a non-3k Vanilla..

GC/S16-009      vs      GC/S16-017

Look at this 3.5K Cancer Gai.  First of all on play you have to top deck check. That is so cancerous. Think about it, you reveal a Climax you lose a stock. Why would you ever want to lose a stock. Now all you smart nerds are going to say, “BUT BUT If we play it on First turn, we don’t have any stock. Blah Blah Blah. We lose nothing if we trigger a climax.”

Let me ask you this question, HOW MANY FIRST TURNS ARE THERE? One….There is exactly one first turn. How many turns does it take to finish a Weiss Schwarz game? More than ONE. Unless you are playing a one turn game like Yugioh, this card is terrible.

Okay fine, let’s say you feel lucky and you will never trigger a climax card. You are still revealing a card to your opponent. You are giving your opponent knowledge of your deck.

As Sun Tzu would say: “If you know the enemy and know yourself you need not fear the results of a hundred battles.”
Look at what you are doing with this Gai. You are letting the enemy know your deck, each card you reveal, the enemy lose their fear of your super awesome mysterious deck that will smack their bums.

Now all you haters going to say, the card you reveal is going to be revealed anyways when you attack….Look guys, you don’t always have to attack. Psychological warfare is important, sometimes you play a character card to lessen the damage and not attack. You force your opponent to overthink. Let your opponent be their own greatest enemy.

Let’s Look at this Gorgeous Vanilla:

Look no downside. This card is made to do one thing, it is to be turned sideways and make your opponent cry. No stress, no worries. You smack this card down and your opponent will go “oh shizz, this guy is attacking.” You don’t need that extra stress of revealing a card that can be a climax and losing a stock. Don’t take my word for it.
“The greatest weapon against stress is our ability to choose one thought over another.” – William James

This Vanilla gives us the ability to choose. No stress, no uncertainty, no cancer. We can focus on one thing, putting a card to turn sideways.

Next time, you choose a 3.5k or 4k beater over Vanilla. Take a good long thought. Vanilla ice cream may not be glamorous but it is made perfect. Turn that Vanilla sideways and win. Until next time.


-Doctor Pee.


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